Monique Albornoz C5si

Monique Albornoz is the founder of Clinical 5S Space Innovations, a workspace optimization company that helps healthcare facilities efficiently space plan and transition into clinical settings. Growing up around the healthcare industry, Monique would hear about many wonderful patient success stories from her mother, a physical & occupational therapist, and her aunt, a rheumatologist. They also spoke about the challenges that made things difficult for them to perform their jobs. Often visiting mom at the VA hospital, her curiosity led to observing clinicians deliver patient care and witnessing their frustrations related to the environment.

As a young adult, Monique would begin to pursue another passion, which was to design and construct living spaces. After graduating from Hunter College, she started to renovate homes and build her real estate portfolio. The idea of retrofitting houses to make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing truly fulfilled her. Despite finding real estate success, a relentless desire to help her family inspired Monique to blend her two biggest passions, healthcare, and real estate. It was at this point that she decided to go work for NYU Langone Health, one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers located in New York City.

After a few years of negotiating contracts for the supply chain division of the hospital, she was selected as one of sixty candidates who applied to launch the organization’s lean six sigma initiative. Monique made the most of the process improvement opportunity by pioneering a space optimization program that would propel the institution into a new era of operational excellence. Known throughout the organization as the face of the 5S + Safety program, Monique was the most sought out consultant when departments looked to physically transform their operations thanks to a reputation of achieving successful outcomes.

To keep up with a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Monique continued her education at Cornell University in Healthcare Facilities Planning & Design shortly after becoming a Master Black Belt with certifications from the Lockheed Martin Corporation and Rutgers University. Monique later became Prosci Change Management, and EDAC certified to make greater contributions to the institution’s culture of continuous improvement.

An exceptionally talented and experienced leader, Monique has a track record of driving organizational change. Her compassion for others accompanied by extensive healthcare and real estate knowledge was the inspiration for C5SI, as branching out on her own was the next logical step to making a more significant impact on the healthcare community. By assisting organizations in creating safer, more efficient facilities, Monique is helping to save lives and honor all caregivers with environments designed to provide the best patient care.

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