5S Methodology

5S methodology is a workspace optimization framework that organizes the environment to best support workflows. The structured approach to setting up workspaces allows occupants to create efficient workplace environments, which result in better operations, products, and services.  It is a fundamental lean practice that embraces building a foundation for standard work, which is the basis for all improvement efforts.  5S methods establish visual management of the workplace to identify problems when they arise quickly.

The 5S principles are to sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. When all five principles are applied and active in a workspace, it leads to safety. Aside from a lean environment being clean and well-organized, the framework ensures that everything has a place to maintain consistency. Removing variation from the environment reduces interruptions to the workflow, resulting in less waste, better quality, and improved productivity. In healthcare, a 5S + Safety program provides clinical and non-clinical employees, patients, and their families the opportunity to experience environments tailored for high-quality patient care delivery, support, and outcomes.

At Clinical 5S Space Innovations, we partner with you to develop a workspace efficiency strategy that is cost-effective and sustainable. Our executive leadership team will evaluate your organizational needs and assign the most talented, experienced lean practitioners to support your goals on-site or remotely. Get the best minds in 5S space planning and innovation working for you by accessing over two decades of valued healthcare expertise, where our abilities to unite business with medicine is unsurpassed.

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